Thank God Its Friday!!

  Good morning!!
Its finally fridayhappy01happy01happy01
Every morning , I wake up half an hour early to watch one episode of anime
This week SPECIAL is * SKET DANCE *
It has almost the same drawing as Gintama
But to compare the two
SKET DANCE is alot better!!
My favorite Chara is  * SWITCH*
He wears glasses and speaks using a computer
SO COOLlovely
I also have been reading another manga
Its a popular manga among my friends but
I only started reading it recently
Naruto is the MANGA CHOICE for this week
It is nice but ONE PIECE IS BETTER
I am only at Chapter 42
where they are at the forest of death
it good to see sasuke get cut up
Muahahahahahahas 😈
I have so much I want to discuss
But I prefer to talk to you in person
So please drop by and we can discuss more in detail 😀
BYE for now~~
あずりんです (=**=)

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