Hello to the end of 2017!

Hello all!

I’m JingHan, joined ACCEA Singapore 80 Robinson Branch in June this year!

Today I’m going to share about what Dramas I’ve been watching lately!

Waited 2 years for the 2nd series of “Wu Xin: The Monster Killer ” (无心法师) to air, finally :’)


The story is about Wu Xin, an immortal being that sleeps for a decade and lives a decade, forgetting whatever had happened in the previous decade. He can survive with only an arm, the rest part of his body will grow back into human being in a few days. His blood can be used to kill all kinds of demons and evil spirits.

A Screenshot of the ‘good-evil’ spirt 岳绮罗 (not really a spirt) from Series 1!!!

I’ll say Series 1’s storyline is slightly better than Series 2, not going to be a spoiler (find out yourself ^^), the drama is really awesome!




Closure for Year End 2017

ACCEA  Singapore 80 Robinson Branch







Its October!

Its October!

3 more months and it will be the end of 2016!

Two weeks ago, on the 30th of September, the 80 Robinson branch & Saito san went to cheer for Albirex!



Vip seatings



There was a buffet waiting for us during half time

Its been awhile since my last soccer match.

Really enjoyed the match between Albirex & Warriors FC!

It has really been an awesome SEPTEMBER!!


THIS is the reason why 80R staff is always smiling!

we are slowly drifting away from reality!

Drop by and help us to keep our sanity intact by giving us work to do!! hahahahahaha^^

But really, thank you to all our valued customers for all your repeated orders ^^

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New Phenomenon!!!

Recently this new craze has swept over ACCEA Singapore 80 Robinson branch…

Undeniable its addictive. MYSTIC MESSENGER!!!





Why are we so crazy?

You should try it too :))








Okay! Got to sign off to my MM~ Oops! is Work~

Pokemon Go

Hi everyone~ Cheryl here (●´ω`●)

As you all know, pokemon go is out..

Like the rest of the world, I am also training to be a pokemon master~!

Look what I hatched on my way to breakfast last weekend ;3



Today we got a yummy eggtart from Azlin~



the crust is super nice *_____* Thank you✌.ʕʘ‿ʘʔ.✌

Please come visit us <3 (our office is opposite a pokestop :3)


Movie Review

♡ Suicide Squad ♡

You cant say no to this beauty

IMG_1850Watched this movie with Zai & Esther after work!

Cheryl was out with the flu :'(

BEST SHOW 2016!!

Sound track for this movie is totally MY NEW PLAYLIST  ♡

It is now August! Time passes by way too fast.

FullSizeRender♡ Have a great week ahead ♡



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Thank you Senpai!

William senpai used his prize money and treated us to some very tasty treats!

Processed with MOLDIV

Behold…. 4 FINGERS!!! Our Foodpanda aka Michelle went to get it for us because it couldnt get delivered. Thank you Michelle (-‿‿-)


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Underwater World

Good morning~ (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

How’s everyone’s day? The other day, I went with my bff to Underwater World before its closing. So nostalgic!

20160621_170152We ended up playing tourists at Sentosa into the night. It’s been a while since I went to Sentosa and explored, so it was really fun(*^▽^*)

There’s still so many places in my home country I want to explore, so one day I shall get around to it!(*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑


Welcome Meal

Hi is me again!

Thanks Nakaue for the welcome meal, the buffet at mitsuba japanese restaurant really おいしい. @^.^@

But the portion is so small T.T

13340709_10153659008735509_1693153299_o13334653_10153659008785509_662094261_o  13334297_10153659008770509_2118705192_o 13313402_10153659008710509_1535821125_o

Next time we can visit them again !

Let’s break our record and enjoy together! 화이팅

Quote of the days: “A major reason capable people fail to advance, is that they do not work well with their colleagues.”

Welcome myself to Accea Singapore and team “80 Robinson” ^.^

Hello everyone, i’m Jordan nice to meet you! はじめまして

First time writing blog! HEE HEE ^.^

This is my 2nd week in 80 Robinson ~~ WOOO ^ú^

All the DTP in the shop are so fast and skillful, not only that! they are so friendly to customer! So happy to be here.
Most important is, i’m working with 3 wonderful ladies!! @^.^@ シャイ シャイ

Please check out our man in black attire!! (same as Accea japan)