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  Hello Everyone! It’s spring now! Unfortunately it’s always summer in Singapore. I’ve just came back from a holiday in korea! The sakura flowers are so beautiful! The weather is good too! And….. I got a shock when I came back! Our dear Yolanda got

It’s CNY!!

Hello everybody~ Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai! Are your house full of CNY decorations?! Aren’t you excited? It’s a long holiday~! Enjoy your goodies and lots of steamboat and and receive lots of ang bao! Have a


Its a new year! Whatcha people doing? We just had 忘年会 with the guys on the 30th ^.^ and a small little 忘年会 on the 31st with… only ailin! This week is gonna pass so quickly before I can even realize.

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MERRY XMAS!!! Have a good rest and Best wishes to all for the upcoming year of 2014 from Ai lin and Vikita   (^_^)/ We are Closed tomorrow on the 25th!! But you can come and visit us on the 26th

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Welcoming The Month of NOVEMBER

HELLO~~~~~ Vikita is here again!! I’ve just started a new book, Beautiful Creatures from Azlin aka AiLin~! Anybody who has a basic command of english should totally check it out yo!   Sneak peek:  AZLIN aka AILIN JUST STARTED A NEW

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Long time no see!

Hello~ ヴィキタ です… I’m going for japanese class later and have not done homework for the past few weeks!  >.< And Azlin aka AiLin is super excited for the new japan fair at isetan! So we need to rush there

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Upcoming Taiwan trip

Hello everybody~ This is Vikita! Last week was crazy busy because AiLin was not around!! Next week would be her turn to be crazy busy. I will be leaving for Taiwan in a week’s time! And I would be gone

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