Hello to the end of 2017!

Hello all!

I’m JingHan, joined ACCEA Singapore 80 Robinson Branch in June this year!

Today I’m going to share about what Dramas I’ve been watching lately!

Waited 2 years for the 2nd series of “Wu Xin: The Monster Killer ” (无心法师) to air, finally :’)


The story is about Wu Xin, an immortal being that sleeps for a decade and lives a decade, forgetting whatever had happened in the previous decade. He can survive with only an arm, the rest part of his body will grow back into human being in a few days. His blood can be used to kill all kinds of demons and evil spirits.

A Screenshot of the ‘good-evil’ spirt 岳绮罗 (not really a spirt) from Series 1!!!

I’ll say Series 1’s storyline is slightly better than Series 2, not going to be a spoiler (find out yourself ^^), the drama is really awesome!




Closure for Year End 2017

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