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[Purpose of these questions.]
We will only use your information for the purposes of our biusiness with you..

Management of personal information by the information processing service in ACCEA. Regarding how we (ACCEA Information Processing Section and Branch Stores) protect privacy

ACCEA Co.,Ltd.

The management of personal information by the Information Processing Services ACCEA, will be explained below.

  • 1) The use of your personal information is for the following purposes.
    • *For information processing in the printing of business cards.
      ・For the purpose of information transmission, we use a secure SSL. Links from the customer to the website are protected thus.
    • *For information processing in the printing of posters, documents and copying.
      ・For information processing in any other requested service areas.
    Our company wishes to make the purpose of the use of personal information clear. We will use the information provided within the scope of our business only. Your information will not be used for. for other purposes
  • 2) Scope of use of your personal information
    Address, Name, Telephone number, Fax number, Company name, Division name, Job title, E-mail address, Name of store, Picture,
  • 3) Matter of disclosure,correction and suspension claim about the personal information.
    • 1-Matters of disclosure, correction, suspension of use and requests for personal information.
      In cases where customers make requests for private information, you may be asked for your personal ID for verification. Enquiries concerning the process, may be directed to the contact below. In these cases, please understand that charges may result.
    • 2-Questions, complaints and consultation about personal information.
      ACCEA is will deal with all questions, complaints and consultation regarding private information. Enquiries concerning the process, may be directed to the contact below.
    • 3- Contact point for enquiries about private information.
      Company name:ACCEA Co.,Ltd.
      Address:Kojimachi square plaza 2F, 2-4-11 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
      Privacy Issues Manager: (Management Sectioin) Mr. Akira Sogabe
      Tel:+81-3-6261-3603 Fax:+81-3-6261-3604
      E-mail : privacy@accea.co.jp
  • 4) Treatment of Information proffered.
    We will use information consigned to us for purposes outlined in article 1 above. We will not supply any client information information to third parties.
    • 1-Purpose of tendering
      Tendered information will be used for the Information Services requested and no other puroses.
    • 2-Items of private information tendered.
      Information required to carry out rerquested information services. processing service.
      * Addresses, names, telephone numbers, fax numbers, company names, division names, job titles, e-mail addresses, names of stores, images. Any further explanation of information required is available upon request.
    • 3- Parties to whom information is given.
      Members of our information processing services section required. ACCEA will take all possible measures to secure the information provided to us by our clients, to treat all information with appropriate confidentiality upon conclusion of our contract. Upon completyion of contracted work, ACCEA will periodically engage in measures to ensure and confirm the saftey of all client information.
    • 4-Contract
      ACCEA and it's operations section are committed to protecing all private information upon completion of contracted activities.
    • 5-Regarding the freedom of information, 2 below.
      The decision as to what constitutes private information (2 above) will be decided by the client. Please understand that we are unable to fullfill the duties outlined in 1 above, in cases where we are not furnished with the required information.

ACCEA Co.,Ltd.
Management and Protection of personal information
Toshimitsu Hara

General disclaimer

In information processing service by ACCEA ,we produce and manage with all our strength for customer. But because of its nature, an offer that is done by human hands is indispensable for our business,so if there is a defect ,we cope on condition below.
  • (1)Our company produce again quickly to defect at our own charge.
  • (2)If it is difficult to do (1),we cope by repaying in full.
  • (3)We cope in the upper limit to(1) or (2).

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